mommy needs a time-out

Forgive me, for it's been awhile since I've blogged. I feel like I'm on overdrive these days in preparing for the arrival of Chase and trying to get our yard in order, house in order, and classroom in check for our final few weeks in this "normal" routine.

I don't know these days what "normal" is because we've been SOOOOO busy! I love it because it's taken my mind off the tick-tock of the pregnancy clock. This past weekend we took an impromptu trip to Sea World, which seems to be our favorite day-trip to date. Reece just loves all the action and people-watching (clearly something he gets from Grandpa John) and of course the animals! It was brutally hot, but we expected it, so we ended the day with a run through their water fountains. Reece ran and danced and did some push-ups and was just his normal goof-ball self. He's such a ham, even when he thinks people aren't looking!

As we were leaving we decided to let him choose a small animal to add to his collection. As he went through the bins he was saying "I have this at home, I have this guy at home, I have him at home...." until he saw a cool sea turtle. I was psyched. We were getting out of the Sea World gift shop for $3.99!! That was, until he honed in on the ONLY truck/trailer in all of Sea World. HOW DOES HE SPOT THESE THINGS?! I thought we were home-free. Little stinker.
I love these pictures so they were the only ones I added, even though I took plenty at Sea World. Rarely am I in front of the camera, so I wanted to remember the moment! Plus, they're great shots. Good job, Daddy!

I know I keep mentioning how funny Reece is, and that I need to write this stuff down....well, tonight Reece put me in time-out! I was talking to Trey and said the word stupid...and he pointed to the time-out spot and made me sit! The funniest part was when he kept coming over and saying "You no say that word, Mommy. You bad. That is not nice. You sit there and don't EVER say that word again!" I couldn't help but laugh, which made him even more angry. He was pointing and scolding and marching back and forth. I would ask him if I could get up and he'd say "no, not yeeeee-eeeet".

Oh man. I will never say the S word again!

C'mon, it's pretty hilarious to envision me, 35 weeks pregnant, sitting in the time-out spot.
Perhaps I should say "stupid" more often, just for the "break"?

Naaaaah, I'd rather keep chugging along, being busy and have a polite kid who knows the difference between right and wrong. I can rest when I'm much older.


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