the one about a leaf blower, mater, and feet

With Trey's work schedule and and super-busy October coming up, our weekends as of late have been pretty low-key. Reece has been obsessed with "Dada's tools", everything from tweezers to screwdrivers to tape measures to blowers have become mini daily obsessions. The very fact that he likes the blower is insane, since he gets scared when I have the vacuum cleaner out in the house, but for some reasons since this is one of "Dada's tools" I guess it's okay.
Remind me to remind him when he gets older that telling me "I'm scared of the vacuum cleaner" isn't going to get him out of vacuuming his room.

Saturday morning Reece and I had a playdate at BounceU. We had such a great time bouncing and playing...the time went so quickly and we were worn out by 10am! We decided it was a great time to go to Target and get a new Tow Mater. He carried that thing around all day and even requested to "watch McQueen" on tv---
After his nap he woke up and I put him down and he immediately sat down, grabbed his left foot and said "Mama owie, Mama kiss it". I looked for anything that he could have stepped on, or a bite of any sort. Nothing. I thought maybe he twisted something at BounceU, but there was no swelling or bruising. Nothing. He would try to get up and limp for a couple of steps and then would sit back down and say "owie".
Let me tell you the pang that hits you when your kid tells you "owie". We didn't know what to do. Ibuprofen? Ride it out? Take a trip up to Sarasota to the ER? Call the doctor? Since it was almost dinner time we figured we'd let him watch more Cars and we'd wait and see what the morning held.
While I was on my 18-miler this morning Trey called me and told me Reece got out of bed, took a couple of steps...and sat down. He wouldn't walk. He wouldn't even stand on his foot. I called the doctor and he told us we needed to head to the ER. He said it sounded like a possible break or a viral infection of the joint. Great, I was 8 miles from home...
Once I got home Reece limped for a couple of minutes and then immediately began running around and playing as usual. It was literally like a light switch. Should we still go to the ER?
We decided to wait it out and see if he was okay for the rest of the day and HE WAS! We had a great day together and there was no sign of pain. We still have NO idea what it was, but we're keeping an eye on his gait just to make sure. Hopefully the problem resolved itself :)
Never a dull moment here in our house!
ps- Yes, Reece's hair is really crazy. He was out in the rain and this was what happened.
pps- Yes, I know it's time for a haircut!


Bootstrap Mama said...

I think you should keep his hair that length! He totally rocks the bed head look!!

*Rhea* said...

he gets the hair from his aunt :)

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