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This weekend has been an adventure for both Mommy and Reece! Trey has been in Ohio at his Grandfather's funeral and took a couple extra days to spend time with his family. We're doing well, but it really makes me appreciate having someone else around to "entertain" while I'm making dinner, folding laundry, and running errands. All in all, we've both enjoyed our weekend adventures!
Today we loaded up and went to Jungle Gardens in Sarasota. I've lived here 10 years and have never been there! There are a bunch of native plants, birds, and reptiles there...including flamingos--that will eat right out of your hand! Reece was so funny and just went right up to them and wanted to touch!

He LOVED being so close to everything, and I was loving playing with my new camera lens! I think I took 300 photos playing with different settings, which was fine since Reece was so infatuated with the flamingos!

He was trying to feed the "ishies" (GIANT koi fish), but the ducks kept getting it. He was saying "ishies, eat! ishies, here!" Little man knows what he wants.

Reece had a cranberry snack and I took some more pictures.

Reece climbed, and jumped, crunched leaves, and hid in the bushes to poop. I took more pictures. After watching the reptile show, we headed out to New Pass to go to the Salty Dog. It was the first time I attempted to take Reece to a restaurant by myself. He was perfect, just as I expected, and "oohed and aaaaahed" at the big boats that cruised by. He ate "dog bites" and I had a Mahi wrap. Seriously, our day couldn't have been better!
We're both looking forward to Trey coming home late tomorrow night. "Single-mom-dom" has been an adventure, but I sure am glad that it's only temporary!


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