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Poor bug. He had to endure two yard sales and he did amazingly well. He played with all the toys we were selling, opened and closed the refrigerator door 1,287,682 times, watched our neighbor mow his yard and inspect his motorcycles, flirted with the yard-saling cheapskates, and squashed bugs.

By yard sale #2 he had had enough. Time to bust out the big guns. Time for us to be theeeeee house in the neighborhood with the perpetual chalk drawings on the driveway.

Hey, it could be worse, right? We both had fun. I mean, how long has it been since you've drawn on your driveway?
I highly recommend it. Unless you are like Trey and the only thing you can draw is a giant weiner. Yep, there is a weiner on my driveway.

All this happened a week ago. It's summer in Florida...where is the RAIN?! The chalky tushie marks and green lines all over everything I can's that weiner that is killing me...
I think Reece has inherited my creative gene. He sure does look the part of the artist, doesn't he?!
Okay, maybe he looks the part of a plumber. A plumber that can draw.


Nicole said...

Awww! Stef loves sidewalk chalk, too! Although, we haven't decorated our driveway -- we always take ours to the park.

sheskin said...

We draw on ours almost daily!

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