cruel and unusual

I'm sure my parents got a kick out of it when we were kids that we insisted on using chop sticks to pick up every piece of Chinese food we got. This included every grain (kernel?) of rice. Every.Single.One.

I felt this slight flashback as I watched Reece attempt to pick up every single piece/grain/kernel of rice with his fork. We've not yet mastered a utensil of any sort, most of the time I just put one on his tray to try to use it. It was hilarious watching him.

When we were kids and no one was looking, we ditched the chop sticks, admitted defeat, and used the fork to finish our dinner. I mean sheeeesh! Chop sticks were a LOT of work!
Reece ditched the fork and used his hands. 'Cause seriously, using that fork was too much work!

Side note: Yes, Reece is wearing his jammies during dinner. No, this is not normal. Today was jammie day at school and since he loves his tractors so much he insisted on keeping them on...


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