raising a beach babe in venice

This week at Kelly's Korner she has asked us to showcase our hometowns! We live in South Venice Beach, Florida and this is the perfect place for us! Trey is from a tiny town in Ohio and I am from a big city in Florida (Orlando). Venice is a sleeper beach town south of Sarasota, and a little over an hour south of Tampa. We love it here!

One of the greatest things about our neighborhood is the South Venice Beach Ferry! We live 1/2 mile from the Intercoastal waterway (yes, we pay out the wazoo for flood insurance!) and can take the SVBET ferry across the Intercoastal to our association's private beach! In the picture below you can see the ferry pulling into the dock. It runs every half hour and is just such a luxury!

One awesome thing about Venice is the abundance of shark's teeth you can find on our beaches! I'm not sure why, but Venice is a mecca for pre-historic shark's teeth! We even have a "Sharks Tooth Festival" here. At the local flea market you can sell your shark's teeth for $10 a pound. We've joked that if we found enough shark's teeth we could put Reece through college!

Just kidding...kind of.
We've got 3 or 4 awesome parks here and Reece is a regular at all of them!
On Venice Island there is a wonderful set of fountains that run all the time for kids to run through them! On any given day there are tons of kids running around and splashing. It's such a great energy release for them!
Yes, our weather here is beautiful! This is a picture of us on Siesta Key beach on Christmas Day 2008! Siesta Key is unlike any other beach you'll see anywhere on the planet. The sand is powdery and white and really makes a mess out of your cell phone! We have a couple cool months a year here, but otherwise it's steamy hot with a touch of seabreeze.
We take all our visitors to Sharky's, the restaurant with quite possibly the coolest atmosphere EVER! Sharky's is built on the mainland of the Venice fishing pier and has indoor, outdoor, and rooftop seating. They have a plethora of frozen drinks and about the best seafood nachos EVER. I think I've only eaten one other thing on the menu in the scores of times I've been there. Yep, I think we've probably paid a month of waterfront mortgage for them in the last few years!

We are blessed to live in such a wonderful family-oriented town! Many of the people who are born and raised in Venice come back to work in Venice! While Trey and I are "transplants", we really hope our little native Venetian grows up to love Venice just as much as we do!


The Fowlers said...

LOVED your post about Venice! I'm from Louisville, KY, but my grandparents spend the winter in Venice, and we have always vacationed in that area since I was a child. My husband actually proposed on Siesta and we were married in '05 on Longboat-barefoot. We were there last month for spring break and my 2 year old LOVED all the parks! Sharkey's is a favorite, as well as Marker4.

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