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Is it bad that my 18-month old can say "nandy" (candy)? This kid can eat some Smarties! We discovered this at Easter, when we weren't exactly sure what he could eat out of the plastic Easter eggs. We gave him a couple of sour Smarties and he LOVED them! Smarties are also Bampa's favorite candy, and since Reece seems to be a little Bampa-Mini-Me, it really seemed fitting! In true form, I bought a huuuuuuuuuuge bag of Smarties on sale at Target and we've been slowly working through them.

Slowly. Don't get me wrong, he doesnt' even get one piece every single day, just every now and then. It really is humorous that I bought Smarties in bulk, if you know me, you know this is totally my style: to always have extras on hand. I think we're going to have enough Smarties to fill eggs for the next two Easters!


I've really used this blog to document Reece's growth and development, as well as things that are going on in our family, or places we've visited. Now I really need to start writing down funny things that happen daily, because this kid totally keeps us on our toes. I wish I had time to journal! In the meantime, I'll "journal" here, keeping track of funny stories to tell at his wedding in 50 years! ha!

Funny story: Today on the way to school we saw a police car pulling over a mini van with it's lights a-flashin'. Reece says "bad boys bad boys"---

Now hold it right there. YES. My kid says "bad boys bad boys" whenever he sees ANY police officer, police car, firetruck, etc. It's absolutely hilarious. Uncle Troy has seen this craziness in person. It really is funny. I digress.

So Reece was rubbing salt in this poor person's morning commute by saying "bad boys bad boys" and laughing....we get to school and his girlfriend "KiKi" (Kaitlyn)'s mom says "Aw man, I got pulled over this morning, just past Target on 41!" I about died and told her what Reece said. At least she got a good laugh after she got that $200 ticket! Ack! A little levity for an otherwise rotten morning commute. Isn't that what toddlers are for?!

So really, that had nothing to do with candy. But it had something to do with saying funny things like "candy" at 18 months, so it was worthy of being included, right?

Now I'll leave you with some EYE CANDY! This is Reece's spring 2010 school picture. His teacher, Ms. Deb, took a picture of it and texted it to me when they got them. I need to figure out how many of these puppies to order, I can't get enough of them! He looks like such a little....

....boy. And BOY am I in LOVE!


jpkdavis@gmail.com said...

If he was living in Wisconsin....would he have on long pants??? Looks like he is taking after his Grandpa.......Dad

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