not me! monday!

Feeling crazed because you were THAT person out shopping for a cute Easter basket the night before Easter? Ashamed that your child now eats Smarties like they're going out of style? Don't be! Not Me Monday was born out of the desire to aire some of your imperfections...and you might even have a good laugh on my whaddaya say?!

I'll start...
I would never pay to put my child in daycare an extra day just so I could clean my house in bliss. I can multi-task and my child even helps me clean at 16 months! I have everything in order all the time so my house NEVER needs a thorough deep-cleaning.

Some may have thought it was me, but it wasn't me, who went out on Saturday night to buy a bigger basket for Easter egg hunting for Reece. Said basket did not garner the comment from Kari "ya think you bought him a big enough basket"?
I'd never give my 16-month old Smarties candies and laugh about it. Or take pictures of it. Or buy a whole bag because he liked them so much.
Being the health-conscious eater that I am, I'd never use two apples and an entire tub of the crunchy, sugary stuff to make apple crisp for Easter dessert.

I would never suggest to Trey that we feed "Turtur" (our resident gopher tortoise) some apples and carrots for an Easter snack. Reece does now not think that we must bring Turtur food every time we go outside.

Lastly, it was not me who had the kid with the runny poop all over the Sea World changing room. I am not offering this advice to all moms: when your child poops in a "lil swimmers" diaper, DO NOT change him/her laying down. Poop does not slide up the back of the diaper and out the top of the diaper. This does not make a big mess, you will NOT need to use an entire package of wipes to wipe up the mess. I did not shoot the little girl who was plugging her nose the NASTIEST of glares. That would not be very nice now would it?!

So what did you not do this week?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hate swim diapers!! Yuck! haha!
Happy Monday!

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