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We had a wonderful Easter weekend! Trey had the entire day off today and we spent the day as a little family of 3 enjoying each other and the beautiful weather. Of course the Easter bunny came and brought Reece two baskets: on from Grandma and Grandpa Smiley and one from the Bunny! Reece got all kinds of things...a spinning top, some new pajamas and socks, some snacks, bubbles, a book....and....TTTTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKSSSSS!

Yes, these are Hot Wheels Monster trucks. For the record, they are Maniac and Gravedigger. For the record, I've never seen these trucks before until Reece started demanding Monster Jam on tv while he eats breakfast in the mornings. Trey educated me on the Monster Truck stuff and I found out that Gravedigger was the most popular Monster truck. Duh, Mama.

Vroom vroom! Yes, the sound effects are real. And while we're at it, would you please recognize the shine on my floor? That is the shine you see when wood floors are clean. I'm just sayin'.

After a healthy breakfast of cheese poofs, juice, Smarties, and a fruit stick (all in thanks to the Easter bunny...) we headed off to the Venice Rising Easter Egg Hunt on the island. Now that Reece knows there is the potential for Smarties to be inside, he opens each egg and throws it down if there isn't candy to his liking inside. Smart cookie, huh? Yeah, notice there were NO eggs in his basket here...
Inspecting more eggs.
There were 12,000 eggs at this hunt. You'd think he had more. Oh well! It was hilarious watching him!
Daddy and Reece had a great day together. We all did! Can't wait for next year when Reece will really hunt for eggs. The Bunny better get ready...and better buy his Smarties on sale, cause we're gonna need them!


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