a boy and his turtle

Meet our resident turtle. He lives right here in this hole. This hole right in the middle of my backyard. Not in a flowerbed or on the edge of the yard. Right in the middle.
"Mama tur tur? Tur tur? Tur tur? TUR TURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"!
I guess Tur tur was hanging out in his hole. In the middle of my yard. We decided to let him "nigh nigh" and we'd come back after our nap and see if he was out. Sacre Bleu! What is this?! Tur tur has made an appearance. Well, he HAD made an appearance. I guess all the screaming of his name made him a little shy because he pulled all his limbs in when he saw Reece standing over him!

Reece is enamored with tur tur. He was slowly walking after him as tur tur went bee-lining (well, as fast as a turtle can bee-line) back to his little den.

Tur tur is the perfect size for Reece. I'm sure someday he'll just grab him and I'll freak out and bathe him in hand sanitizer. For now we just watch. I'm down with just watching.
For the time being, Reece is in agreeance. We'll just watch. Watch tur tur run (well, as fast as turtles can run) away.
Tur tur could not take anymore screaming "TUR TUR, TUR TUR, TUR TUR", so he headed back into his den. Poor guy. We'll catch him (hopefully) again tomorrow. My french doors are streaked in Reece slime as he pounds on them and yells for his new friend.

There's no stopping a boy and his turtle.


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