on the mends

Us Lanums have been quite the sickly bunch lately! Reece was sent home from school on Monday with a 102 fever. He'd been kind of "out of it" all weekend, but I guess Monday was his breaking point. Luckily, Trey had the day off and picked him up and took him to the Doctor. Turns out the poor bug had a double inner ear infection! We are now the proud owners of a MONDO-sized jug of Amoxicillan and have a little boy who seems to be on the mends.

I, on the other hand, have not fared so well. I woke up late Monday night with the stomach flu! I havn't had that (even being a teacher and being around gross germs all day/every day) in probably 10 years. It knocked me out COLD! I told Trey yesterday that I wouldn't be a very good bedrest patient or wouldn't last long in a hospital being down-n-out. I can't lay down that long!

It seems Trey's foot is on the mends, he's able to wear shoes for short periods of time, which is definitely good news. He tells me he's going to play basketball tonight. Sigh.

Fingers crossed that we're done with all this illness, okay?!


Anonymous said...

i pray that everyone feels better soon! i hate it when the sick bug comes to visit.

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