not me! monday

Watch in horror as your child consumed two hot dogs? Ashamed to admit that you prayed your swimming lesson wouldn't show up so you could stay on the treadmill for another half an hour? Embarassed that you left your sunroof open during an inpromptu rainstorm? Don't be! Not Me Monday was born out of the desire to air some of your mishaps throughout the may feel it therapeutic to do the same!

I did not return two sippy cups this week because they immediately leaked all over the place. I am not getting cheap in my old age!

I have not made Texas Caviar twice this week. I am NOT addicted. After last week's mishaps with Snow Pops, I did not decide to make a "dump and go" dish for Jen's "Mom's Night Out" party. I was not pleased as hell that my dish was a favorite. I was not personally redeemed for my snow-pop-blunder!

I am not really sure how we justified spending almost $7 on a bowl of cut fruit on Saturday night. Actually, the justification did not go something like this:

J: mmm, wow, that fruit salad looks awesome over there.

T: yeah, lets get some.

J: should we each get our own? this big one is $7.

T: we could get our own if we want. (my jaw did NOT drop. $14 on fruit? um, no.)

J: we'll just get this one, I mean, you did work some overtime today.
Yeah, so there is no way I would justify his overtime with buying some really expensive delicious fruit. Despite what you think you see, this is not a tad over 2lbs of fruit. We did not inhale said fruit in one sitting.

I did *not* clean up 3 piles of diarrhea chasing around my kid trying to put a diaper on him. I cannot believe I just admitted that.

I don't feel like I have to give you something cute to look at to make up for that last "not me" item...

Whew! I feel better. 'Specially about that last one...what did you not do this week?!


ALI said...

Your son is ADORABLE!!! Loving those blue eyes...

daily mom said...

this is just too funny! i always feel like i am splurging when i buy fruit in a bowl. have a great monday!

Ashlee said...

these are funny! i'm glad you enjoyed the yummy fruit!

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