not me! monday...

Was it you who had to console your child in Target after he took a nose-dive onto the carpet? Did you let your dogs lick the leftover spaghetti noodles off your child's legs on the way into the bathtub to alleviate some of the mess? "Not me Monday" was born out of the desire to air your parenting mishaps and get a good laugh.
I've been a pretty perfect parent this week...
I would NEVER condone bad eating habits. Never. Especially not from a 15-month-old. My child eats a healthy, well-balanced diet chocked full of fruits, veggies and dairy. He'd absolutely never try and sneak a snack in before lunch...

And I'd never let him continue so I could grab my camera and take his picture!

Since you'd never see this happening in my house, you might want to go check out MckMama's website and see what others have also not been doing.


Sherri said...

He is adorable!

John said...

Just remember, all those spaghetti pictures will be seen at his wedding.....Dad

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