What a difference a month has made! On his 14-month birthday, Reece took 10-12 steps across the living room and never looked back! On his 15-month birthday he walked all over the place at a bounce-house gym and jumped in the bounce houses!
He is now an "exclusive" walker and we just cannot believe how quick he is, and how quickly he caught on to the effectiveness of walking! You'd think he'd been doing it forever!
This month Reece also moved out of Ms. Jessica's Infant room at school and into Ms. Deb's Toddler Room. Even though he's only been in it for a week, we've seen a huge language explosion and a little boy who is stimulated by everything new he sees! It has really been neat to see his eyes light up when he walks into his new classroom. He sits at a little table with his friends to eat lunch, plays dress-up, blocks, and trucks. Ms. Deb sings songs and even has a special one for Reece (sung to BINGO "there was a boy with big blue eyes and Reece was his name-o, R-E-E-C-E, etc). I love to see him learning!
Our mighty mini weighs in at a stealth 21 lbs and is 33 inches tall. He is in the 20% for weight and 97% for height. This little chunker has put on 1 lb in the past 3 months! This might be due to his constant eating! The kid can eat anything (except veggies!) and knows where everything is in the kitchen. Darn kid!
Reece can now say quite a few words! Door, bye-bye, dog (daaaaaaaaa), mama, nack nack (snack), deuce (juice), wa wa (water), more, wow, ball, and bird. He can understand so many commands now-- like "bring this to daddy" or "go throw it away". Amazing.
Dear Reece,

Daddy and I love everything about you. We love how you say "ooh ooh ooh" when you get excited. We love how you point the remote at the TV when you want to watch Animal Planet at breakfast time. We love how you could eat a whole meal of red grapes. We love that you're an ankle-biter. We love watching you walk all over the house (at first doing the Frankenstein walk, now carrying stuff!) we love how you MUST have the water running throughout your baths so you can put your hand under it. We love how you can destroy any pile of freshly-folded laundry. We love how you "Swiffer" the house for us! We love your new-found affinity for bounce houses! We love how you lean in for kiss, after kiss, after kiss, after kiss. We love your little "Tales from the Crypt" hairstyle you've got going on on the back of your head. We love your bright blue eyes. And your little tush. And your strong legs. We love how you stomp around in your new sneakers. We love that you have your own signature style: plaid shorts and vintage t-shirts. We love that you can find a truck or ball anywhere and instantly fall in love. We love how you inspect your diaper bag, wherever it may be in the house, for snacks and bring them to us. We love that you pick up "ucks" (trash) off the floor and put it in the garbage can. Along with the remote and your sippy. We love how you are a never-ending eating machine! We love how you snuggle in bed with us and how you laugh when we say bubbubbubb in your ear.

We love everything about you, and we love you more than all the stars in the sky.

Mommy and Daddy


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