Not My Child Monday!

This week MckMama is mixing it up a little and hosting Not My Child! Monday, a fun little twist on our weekly confessions of all our mommyhood shortcomings and oh-so-embarrassing incidents. This week we get to confess all the NOT so great things that our kids have go check out My Charming Kids to see all the things our kiddos have NOT been doing!

Reece did NOT eat a diet rich in fiber this week while meeting John-John and Stellan for lunch. What Mommy would let their child eat woodchips? He was so full from his lunch of puffs and applesauce he couldn't possibly want more. He was NOT trying to be like Stellan.

Still continuing on the "what-didn't-reece-put-in-his-mouth" kick, my adorable child would never gnaw on rocks to soothe his gums from teething. He would never do this because I would never let him. Rocks are dirty and have been walked all over. Reece would only chew on that frozen teething ring thing in the freezer...because they say those are the best. I am sure my 8-month-old would agree, right?

My adorably easy-going son did not throw a full-out temper tantrum on the airplane ride back from Wisconsin. He did not have enough of the 6-hour delay because of the broken engine. The lady in the row next to us did NOT just compliment me on his fantastic behavior the entire time we were waiting. I was NOT beaming with joy that I have the best son in the world until all hell broke loose! I did NOT ask the flight attendant to fill his sippy with my angelic tired boy could sleep the rest of the way home. I would NEVER use apple juice to cure a crisis like this.

Does that make you feel better about what your kids did NOT do this week? Join in on the fun! Head on over to MckMama's blog to share your child's most memorable messes!


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