Not Me! Monday

It's back....It's Not Me Monday! This is the place where you can air out all your "im"perfections. Want more? Check out McKMama's blog to see what others have NOT been doing this week.

We did NOT order 16 bags of mulch and a bunch of sod to FINALLY get our backyard looking decent. Since it has NOT been about 100 degrees here lately, I didn't tell my wonderful husband that I "feel lightheaded" while bending over and spreading mulch around. I did not last only about an hour out there....not this Floridian.

I did NOT have a horrible drive to Cristin's wedding reception on Friday. Since I am 31 years old, I would never break down and cry on the phone because I was so frustrated! Drive through a hail storm? Nope, not me. Accidentially run through a "Sun Pass Only" toll lane? Nope, not me. End up 15 miles south of where I needed to be on A1A in Ft. Lauderdale? You've got the wrong person if you think it was me. Eat two yummy mini Key Lime Pie desserts? Not me. Who wants to lose baby weight anyways?!

I did NOT allow our 7-month-old to "pick out his own pool" at Wal-Mart this weekend. You couldn't catch me dead talking to an infant, and most definately in no kind of deep conversation, in the middle of the pool section. People weren't looking at me as I asked him if he prefered the turtle or the giraffe. You can see what he preferred, and I understood him quite well!

And speaking of this pool, I did not take exactly 145 pictures of him in it! I also have NOT decided that my current camera is garbage since I have to wait for the screen to reset and I miss half the pictures I want to take because of this. I am not looking at the Canon Rebel xsi because I am so NOT over my current camera. I would NEVER let Reece chew on my camera since I have heard that the best way to "ruin" electronics is to get them wet...

Reece and I do NOT have anything planned for our "first" Father's Day this weekend! You probably won't see any pictures of our project here. Since I didn't take 145 pictures of Reece in the pool, I am sure I won't take ANY of him making his Father's Day gift!


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