chase's birth day

I'm really not the type of person to have a "birth experience", but wanted to write down the events of Chase's birth day just in case anyone
a) cared
b) wanted to remember someday down the road.

On June 21 I had felt some random contractions all day long. We went to Reece's swimming lesson about 4:30, then went to Publix to visit Trey afterward. I told him contractions were still sporadic, so just to finish his shift. He got home about 11 pm and there was no change. About 3:30 am I woke up to some more regular contractions, about 5 minutes apart, used the restroom, and realized I was losing my "mucus plug". Knowing that it would take us at least an hour to drop Reece off and get to the hospital, we didn't want to waste any time so we started packing up the last of everything, woke Reece up, and hit the road.

We got Reece to Aunt Kari's house, made it to L&D Triage in one piece, and actually had to wait in the triage waiting room for an hour because they were full!!! When they finally got me in and checked me, I was 3-4 cms with pretty regular contractions. At 7:30 they wheeled me up to a birthing suite because it was pretty apparent that we were having a baby today! I was progressing quickly, and in some moderate pain. At 9:30 my midwife, Lee, broke my water and that was when all hell broke loose!

My nurse told me we shouldn't wait too long for the anesthesiologist because she thought I was going to go pretty quickly from there out. She left the room, as did Trey, and I was in total agony. I kept pressing the "call" button for the nurse, and no one was coming. Finally when Trey came back in I sent him out to find someone. I needed some kind of pain relief. I needed it right away!

Long story short, the anesthesiologist gave me the highest dose of medication she could for my weight and it wasn't touching the pain. They finally decided to give me something called Staidol which made me completely loopy. I could still feel pain, but the Staidol allowed me to relax in between contractions. Sweet relief, finally.

About 11:10 they checked me and I was ready to go! Five pushes and he was out, whizzed all over the nurses, and was placed on my chest. I felt a little ill after birth, mainly because of the narcotic, but only had 6 stitches and otherwise was able to recover very quickly.

I am very blessed that everything happened very quickly, it was a day we had been waiting for for a long time! Our family is now complete and we are so in love with our two boys!


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