5 days old

Reece's favorite "band" is the Laurie Berkner Band and they sing a song called "Five Days Old". Many months ago we started calling this song the "Baby Chase Song" since it's about being tiny and growing up. Well, today my littlest love is five days old. This time last week I was still going about my business being annoyed that I was still pregnant, scheduling swimming lessons for Reece, making appointments I hoped I wouldn't have to keep since Chase's birth was impending...but I made the appointments anyways, just in case.

Today our goals were simple: showers before noon so we could get to Chase's doctor appointment by 1. his appointment went well...weighs just a tad over 7 lbs now, bilirubin levels are manageable with some indirect sunlight in his very near future. We were a little worried because his eyes have started looking a little yellow. He still has this little "pearl cyst" in the back of his mouth (which will warrant a trip up to see an ENT at All Children's Hospital next week if it doesn't rupture on it's own) but other than that, looks healthy and content!
In celebration of wonderful health, I gave him a bath. I was not the most popular Mommy in town during the bath. Note to self: make Daddy give the newborn baths until he loves the tubby just like his big brother!
I do, however, have a snuggly, Aveeno-smelling little dude to cuddle after bathtime, though...so it must not be thaaaaaaat bad!


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