labor day!

Reece and I spent our Labor Day...well, laboring. As homeowners it seems like we're in a constant state of "fix it" around here. Just last week our cholorine pump for our septic system broke again after just fixing another problem of the same nature the week prior. Our master bath is in mid-tile renovation and the guest bathroom is next. It's a vicious endless cycle.
One problem we had when we purchased the house was the back deck. It was in HORRIBLE condition...paint was literally peeling off of it and we'd sit out there and peel paint while we let the dogs out. Trey and Bampa painted over using outdoor deck paint and it seemed to fix the problem temporarily. In the brutal heat this summer Trey decided it was time to tear the whole thing down and start over. It's still not complete, but I'll post pictures once we get to that point. So far I like what I see!

I built a planter around the deck and Reece helped me move some of the plants to the backyard. He's such a good little handyman. Today was our (hopefully) last trip to the landscaping store to pick up some of the final plants we need.
Good thing I've got a cute lawn boy to help me with these last few final touches!


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