things you think about while walking 15 miles training for the 3-day

This year I've become a "training walk leader"- which basically means organizing training walks for the big day. Since we live in a slightly smaller city, no one has decided to join me on my walks. That's okay, though, because it gives me plenty of time to think while I'm hauling butt through Venice.

You'd think "gee, why doesn't she use that iPod?" Well, iPods are against 3-Day rules because they're considered distractions around traffic. Fair enough...and since I'm supposed to be a model walker, I'll abide by the rules and can deal with the silence for 3 hours...well, except for the hundreds of thoughts that are running through my head:

1. These shoes are so comfortable. $129 was well worth it!

2. I don't spend $20 on shoes for school because I'm too cheap. Wait a minute...

3. Why didn't someone leave their garbage can out so I can ditch this string cheese wrapper?

4. Why am I eating string cheese at 6 a.m.?

5. Rain already?

6. If you trip for no reason at all and no one sees it, does that mean it didn't happen?

7. What the hell was that that just ran across the road?!

8. It's silly to put sunblock on at 5:30 am, no?

9. If only 20 more of my friends donate $20, I'll be at my fundraising minimum. I need to get on that.

10. These mosquitos are NO JOKE. Is there a sunscreen that has mosquito repellant in it?

11. If Reece sleeps in till 8 this morning I'm gonna rearrange some teeth.

12. When is he going to get those teeth?

13. 6 am string cheese has left a film on my teeth.

14. Click, click, click, click, click, click, clicky click. (The pedometer)

15. Do you think that person is laughing at my baggie of cereal hanging off my waist pack?

16. Don't answer that. Of course they are.

17. Why are people so rude that they won't say hello to you?

18. Ruh-roh, I bet I can beat that storm. It's travelling west. I'm heading south. No problem-o.

19. If I eat my cereal REAL QUICK I can put my phone in the baggie so it won't get wet since I'm walking right into this storm. Shit, I'm 9 miles from my house.

20. **under breath when the hubs comes to rescue me with my ornry 21-month-old** yeah, mama stuck running. mama wet raining. haha. ha flippin ha.

3 comments: said...

I often wondered what was going on inside that head of yours......Dad

sheskin said...

To #10, yes! Coppertone I's called 'Bug 'N' Sun' or some such thing.

Melissa said...

Hey There! I think I found you on Kelly's Korner. You caught my eye because you are from Venice. I live in Minnesota, but my parents have a condo in Venice, and I go down there almost every winter (i of those!) :) I was looking at some of your archives and it's fun to see places that we go to all the time. Your little guy is a cutie too. Anyway, just wanted to say hi!

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