happy mother's day!

I am blessed to have a wonderful, caring mom who has taken me in as her "own" child. I wouldn't have known it any other way and am lucky to have her! This weekend we took a Mother's Day getaway to their "plastic palace*" in Leesburg.

*Plastic palace= double-wide trailer. Now, before you judge, it's really nice! They're maybe 12 feet from their boat dock and canal. About 50 feet from there they're in a beautiful chain of lakes in Central Florida. Dad says you can't knock a double-wide 'til you've lived in one. Or spent the night in one. Or know someone who has. Lots of waterfront property in Florida consists of double-wides. Or single-wides. Yep, that's how we do here in Florida.

Ahem. Mother's Day...

So there we were at the Plastic Palace and we spent the time enjoying some fabulous Mojo shish-ka-bobs, wondering why we've been slacking filling up our propane tank, swearing we'd do it sometime this week so we could grill. We love to grill. Why don't we have propane?

Ahem. Plastic Palace on the water.

Reece, Grandma and Trey took a stroll in the mighty Pelican, their trusty paddle-boat! It is quite the workout!!! I'm so glad no one took pictures of me trying to wrangle Reece into enjoying his second ride in the boat going UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN as I pedaled. It was a sight. Instead I'll give you a cuter picture to look at, Reece with GG and Trey.
Then we headed on the boat to the Tavares Sea Plane docks to watch some jet-ski races. Apparantly, we didn't get the memo and it was nap time. How he napped during such noise is beyond me. I guess if you're tired, and you're on the water, and you're this cozy, you're off to dreamland!
I know, I know. You should never wake a sleeping baby...but we did just so he could enjoy this awesome waterpark and their cool playground! Reece shouts "PLAY" when he sees a playground now. I love that he can verbalize what he wants or what excites him! This park cost us a grand total of $4 to enjoy for as long as we wanted. I was a good mama and went down the slide with my boy. I'll spare you the pictures of that so you don't have to see my white thighs (don't you hate when you see pictures that you HATE of yourself?!...better get that Wii Fit workout going!!!)
On the way back we took a dip in the middle of the lake. Reece just kicked and splashed and had a ball! He's my little water baby, there's no denying that. Even though he kept saying "wa wa burr", he followed that with "PLAY" and fussed a bit when we got out. Stinker.It was a wonderful weekend, one that was long overdue. We miss our own boat, but we know whenever we need a boating fix we can head to GG and Bampa's house for an awesome ride!


jpkdavis@gmail.com said...

Never thought I would see the day when I would wish "Happy Mothers Day" to my daughter.....aaah, the circle of life. Dad

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