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Have you stayed up too late watching the Olympics too many nights in a row? Ashamed that you ate the last of your child's "cheesy poofs" when suddenly he said "more"? Tell your husband that your "change oil light" came on just today, I swear? Well, don't be! I'm here to air my confessions for the week and you just might find it therapeutic to do the same!

First of all, I do not feel one tad guilty for living on the most beautiful beach in the world and spending Valentine's Day with my family on it while the rest of the US is experiencing blizzard-like conditions. I'd certainly never post a picture of said beach just to rub it in. That would be tacky. I'd also never post a pic of my insanely cute kid walking on the beach to make other people drool. What kind of person does that? Certainly not me.
I'd never spend $4.99 on a singing Valentine card for a one-year-old. It's not like he can read it or anything. I'd never use such a novelty for diaper changing distractions, either.
It wasn't me that just cracked up at the photos Trey took while Reece stayed home sick with him last Thursday. It is not so typical of a man to do something like set a camping tent up in the middle of the house and play in it all day. I don't love him for this, and I'm not incredibly thankful that he had it cleaned up before I got home (because just seeing the pictures was not enough for me)!I did not make the most disgusting dessert ever to bring to our Valentine's Day gathering at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I wasn't totally enamoured with the snow pops on MckMama's website that I wanted to try making them myself. They look so easy, right? Trust me, I did not curse 1,000 times while making them and trying to melt the "easy" white chocolate for the coating. My poor Grandma didn't stick out her tongue at them and give them the "thumbs down". I mean, Grandmas try everything with a smile, right?
Lastly, I am not second-guessing myself for registering for this half-marathon in a month. I did not become extremely depressed when my uncle told me about his "6-month dedicated training regimen" to train for his marathon. I mean, who do I think I am and why do I think I can run a half marathon?

I feel may want to head on over to MckMama's website to read what others are NOT doing this week!


Anonymous said...

don't second guess yourself! you will be able to do the half-marathon. i had the same issues with the "snow pops". love your blog!

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