not my child! monday

Embarrassed about your child's blow-out at Lowe's? Can't believe that he was playing with your panties in front of guests? You should air out that dirty laundry and check out to see what other people's children did NOT do this week!

Reece eats a well-balanced diet. You know, a 9-month-old diet of yogurt melts, mum-mumms, cut up kiwi, puffs, guava, etc. Reece would never think about having healthier gums, a shinier coat, and more muscle tone by indulging in some dog food. I certainly wouldn't let him taste it, either. He did NOT cry when I finally took it out of his mouth!
My angelic baby boy would never cause trouble at Grandma's house by unraveling an entire roll of toilet paper! Did someone say Charmin?!

Sand is not something I allow Reece to eat. When he plays at the beach he always plays nicely and keeps the sand on the beach. He did not have a "stubble" of sand around his mouth and up his nose after going to Daytona. Amazingly, he did eat the remainder of lunch, despite his fill-up on a sandy delight!
Now that I know my son is perfectly...ahem....normal... why don't you head on over to MckMama's blog to read some other entries?!


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